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Toddler obsessed with mom's hair


Have you ever wondered why toddlers are so obsessed with your hair? Toddlers can get attached to anything quickly and they get obsessed with strange things.

Toddlers are naturally drawn to their mothers. This is their way of showing themselves how much they love their mothers and how much they depend on them. It is hard to understand the logic behind toddlers’ obsession with hair.

Asking toddlers about why they love their hair or how their hair makes them feel is extremely difficult. Many toddlers are too young to express how they feel verbally.

We will digest the reasons in adult language why toddlers become obsessed with their mother’s hair.

Why do toddlers become obsessed with hair

They look for things that will calm them and make them feel safe and comfortable. Hair does exactly that.

Some kids suckle on their fingers or rock back and forwards when they feel anxious or nervous. Toddlers develop attachments to a lot of things.

You will notice that your toddler loves playing with your hair as it makes them feel relaxed and comfortable.

Unlike adults, toddlers do not feel self-conscious around people around them.

Let’s break down the main reasons in detail why toddlers become obsessed with their mother’s hair.

Self-soothing tool

Self-soothing is when a body responds positively to a stressful situation. This often means that the self-soothing behavior reduces the stressor and calms the toddler.

Toddlers become obsessed with their mother’s hair because it provides them with some comfort when they are feeling uncomfortable situations. They like to suck on the hair’s soft strands, thus calming them down and making them feel comforted.

You will probably be surprised to learn that most toddlers enjoy touching your hair. They will often try to touch your hair when you are feeling stressed or upset.

Explore their senses

As everything is new for your toddler, they probably take everything in with wonderment! They might be fascinated by your hair’s texture, length, and colors.

Pulling your hair back or twisting it is a fun game for your toddler. It fulfills their sensory needs. Take advantage of this time to teach your toddler a thing or two about your hair.

A means of comfort

You have to realize that your child’s behavior is not some malicious attempt to embarrass you. Toddlers have a natural instinct that brings them comfort.

Over time this helps them build trust and bonds with others. It will take them a while to learn how to control themselves, so take a breath and realize that these behaviors are normal for toddlers.

Why do babies constantly play with their mother’s hair

As we briefly covered already the main reason toddlers like to play and suck on their mother’s hair is to soothe them when they are feeling uncomfortable situation.

They like to suck on the hair’s soft strands, thus calming them down and making them feel comforted.

Why do they get so interested in your hair? Well, this is because hair has strong sensory properties, which children usually like to explore.

Touching and sucking on hair helps satisfy their curiosity because they get to touch and feel all kinds of things.

Hair has strong sensory properties, which children usually like.

Another reason is that when babies are small and while feeding they play with their mother’s hair and hands.

This could become a habit which you will, unfortunately, have to break when they grow up if they don’t stop it.

This is something very unhealthy, I’m sure you don’t want to see your kid chewing on his mother’s hair, right?

Children copy each other children’s behavior, if they see another child touching an adult’s hair they will try it too.

Why do babies need their mother’s hair to sleep

If your toddler has got this stage of not being able to sleep without touching hair, this has various reasons.

Firstly, the sleeping routine can be very stressful. Your child could be already very cranky and tired already which builds up lots of tension.

Therefore, they will try to sleep with your hair near them, this helps them fall asleep faster. Another reason is, that hair is crucial to their sensory development.

Many sensory characteristics like feeling and touch.

As we said before, hair has many sensory characteristics like feeling and touch.

Secondly, when a baby touches the hair of their mother, they feel safe. As babies become toddlers, they can understand more about their surroundings and their surrounding behavior.

Some toddlers become attached to their mother’s clothes which is normal. As this is a phase a child goes through it will pass eventually.

At some point, you can replace your hair with something comfortable for the child.

This way there won’t be a sudden change and they’ll be able to accept their new habits and changes.

How to stop babies from pulling your hair

Rule number 1, do not shout at your child, it may cause them to become more aggressive or even act up in front of other people.

Instead, try to calm them down by using your calm voice. A calm voice is sometimes more effective than shouting.

As a parent, you need to guide your child to slowly make them understand that pulling hair hurts.

Over a period, when you catch your child pulling hair, you need to discourage them by offering a soft voice. This way they will learn not to pull hair again.

Whenever your child is pulling your hair, try to stay calm and patient and distract their attention.

This can be playing a fun game or reading a book to your child. Use whatever works to get your child to stop pulling your hair.

The difference between a habit and obsession 

The main difference between a habit and obsession are: A habit is an involuntary reaction and obsession is a voluntary reaction.

There comes a point the habit becomes an obsession your toddler can’t stop doing it.

As a parent, you have to jump in take control and help your child redirect their attention away from what they are doing.

 It’s important to keep in mind that this is what toddlers do most of the time. Whenever they are focusing on something new they are fascinated by it.

Isn’t that what toddlers are? Toddlers are explorers, using their bodies and hands to explore and discover things around them.

They are interested in not only compatible activities but in their opposites as well.

Supporting your baby to overcome a habit or obsession 

Here are steps you can take to help your child to overcome a habit and obsession :

1, you have to understand that sometimes it is difficult to deal with toddlers, they do not realize they are acting irresponsibly.

2, you have to show your toddler that his behavior is not okay and that there are other ways of behaving.

3, make sure to explain to your child why he should stop doing something that makes him feel uncomfortable.

4, remind him what will happen if he continues doing this habit.

5, distract your toddler is too young to stop doing something on their own, so help them to concentrate on something else.

It takes a lot of energy at the start to overcome a habit, while in the end, your child will achieve his goal.


All toddlers go through different phases and stages in their development. Some children go through a period of obsession, while others only go through a short obsession.

Parents need to pay attention to their children’s behaviors, even if it seems normal for them.

The goal is to positively influence your child’s long-term behaviors by providing him with the right examples.

Take a deep look at your habits as a role model for your children. It will play a big role in helping them build up good habits of their own.

With time and lots of trial and error, you can minimize ongoing obsessions in your child and help him lead to a positive future.

Is pulling your mother’s hair a sign of autism?

Repetitive movements or behavior could be a sign of autism. Shaking their legs or rocking back and forth when they do such repetitive movements, along with others then could be a sign of autism.

More than pulling their mother’s hair when they pull their hair now and then. Speak to your doctor.

What to do if my baby swallows hair while playing?

It would be usually safe as it would easily pass out from the body.

But if symptoms like vomiting are observed then you should visit the doctor.

Does swallowing hair cause diarrhea?

It causes vomiting in some people. If you’ve swallowed a bunch of hair it could cause a hairball and that could cause a problem.

Or else if just one or two hair is swallowed then it won’t be a big problem and it would easily pass out from the body without causing any harm.

Does swallowed hair accumulate inside the baby’s stomach?

If a large amount of hair is ingested it causes hairball because of the accumulation of hair inside the stomach which can prove to be very harmful.

Even if a few hairs are swallowed frequently, it can cause an accumulation of hair inside the stomach.

This can cause serious problems so it is essential to take care that the baby is not swallowing hair.