QuestionsCategory: BabyMy childs first day at daycare and she throws a tantrum not wanting to stay?
Jessica Simpson asked 9 months ago
Is it normal for kids to throw tantrums on their first day at daycare?
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Jessica Simpson answered 3 months ago
You must think about this from your child’s point of view. It is not easy for them, it is a major emotional shift. They’ll be spending time with people that aren’t their parents.
It could be disturbing for them and as they can’t explain their emotions they throw tantrums. Understand your child’s anxiousness and fears and try to assure them instead of scolding them.
Try to make your kid feel comfortable reassuring them that you’ll be here on the set time. Start with leaving your child with a relative they are comfortable with at first. Or start with short periods of time and then eventually increase the time this will help them adjust.