QuestionsCategory: ParentingShould a parent or grandparents buy gifts for all children on birthdays to prevent temper tantrums?
Jessica Simpson asked 1 year ago
My parents try to buy gifts for both of the children on either one’s birthday so that they don’t throw tantrums. Is that okay or it will make them misbehave more?
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Jessica Simpson answered 9 months ago
There are several things you can do to help temper tantrums. You must not give in to them as it will increase their temper tantrums. If you give in to their wishes they’ll know that every time they throw a temper tantrum you’ll grant them their wish.
In order to prevent tantrums, you must let your child know the reason behind a particular thing. Suppose, it is a birthday celebration of one kid and you are afraid the other child will throw temper tantrum, then you should explain them in advance that they are going to get a gift on their birthday too and how important this day is for their sibling and how they must be there for their sibling.
You must also praise their good behavior. Plan ahead and avoid situations that create triggering situations.