QuestionsCategory: ToddlerWhat do I do if a toddler is crying and his mom is not home? How do I distract him?
Jessica Simpson asked 3 months ago
I had to babysit my nephew and he starts crying when his mom is not home. So, How can one stop a crying baby when his mother is not home? Are there any possible ways you can distract them?
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Jessica Simpson answered 3 months ago

At first be calm and look for the reason they have started crying. It is possible that you may find something or you may not.


If you don’t know the reason they are crying then pick them up and start walking. Usually, babies stop crying with some voluntary movement.


Check their diapers, change them if they are dirty as this could be a reason they started crying.


Try feeding them as a possible reason for crying could be hunger. Rock them gently, try talking and comforting them or offer them a pacifier.


Usually these tips with help the baby to calm down and relax and stop crying.