QuestionsCategory: BreastfeedingWhy does my body hurt when I breastfeed?
Kees Jansen asked 7 months ago
I would like to know the main reasons women have body aches when breastfeeding?
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JNewman Staff answered 5 months ago
Many people worry about pain during breastfeeding if they don’t understand why their body aches in certain areas when they feed their baby.
Here are the main reasons why your body hurts when breastfeeding:
1)Your arm and your stomach muscles ache: this is because you’re trying to hold and feed your baby, and at the same time, your breast is giving out the milk. It’s hard work, and this can lead to tired muscles. If you hurt, stop feeding immediately.
2)Your back hurts: because you’re holding your baby, pushing yourself up to breastfeed, then sitting down again afterward. This can be tiring on the back. The best thing to do is sit up straight when your baby feeds.
3)Your nipple hurts: Because your baby is trying to latch on and suckle the breast, it may hurt a bit. Next time make sure you’re sitting up straight, with your baby supported in your arms comfortably.
4)Your breasts hurt: That’s because they’re full of milk. To avoid this, you can express your milk and feed your baby with a bottle so that they get used to the bottle and don’t need to breastfeed so often. You can also try changing your baby to the other breast or feeding your baby more often, especially at night, to encourage milk production.
A final thought if your feel the pain not going away, seek medical advice from your doctor.