QuestionsCategory: ToddlerWhy does my toddler keep telling me to go away?
Jessica Simpson asked 4 months ago
I would like to find out on why my toddler keeps telling me to go away.
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Jessica Simpson answered 3 months ago
Toddlers are not very good at communication and expressing their feelings. So if sometimes they ask you to go away, you should not feel bad, keep calm and try listening to their problem.


Give them some time, usually they act in a moment and might not feel the same thing a few moments later.


They might be behaving as such because they are frustrated or don’t want to do a particular thing. Sometimes they don’t like a particular idea or change and then they tend to act up and say things they don’t mean.


Leave them for the moment and then ask them about the problem and then try to solve them. Acting calm is very important while managing your toddler, communication is also important.


Always try to understand them and try to be as calm as possible. This helps you to improve your relationship with your toddler.


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